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De Young, San Francisco, suite

30 septembre 2018

Scène en Arctique, William Bradford, 1880

Au musée De Young, dans le Golden Gate Park, on trouve les peintres américains, notamment ceux du XIXe siècle, représentant leur nature grandiose, mais aussi des endroits marquants du Vieux Monde, comme le Mont St Michel ou le théâtre grec de Taormine, suplombant la mer et sous l’Etna.


Naufrage au large de Terre Neuve

10 février 2013

Once I could see a coast in marvelous details, a high headland backed by snow mountains, with a glacier coming down to the sea, all complete with ice foot and pack. I stared amazed, to watch the whole coast dissolve away.
I remember the thrill of my first sight of the Alps, but that was nothing compared to the sight of Greenland – the mass peaks rising to 7000 feet, and the great ice-field. But then I hold the climbing of mountains to be nearly as good as the sailing of boats; nowhere else in these days can you meet the elemental forces in a decent straight way.

Meredith Jackson, équipière de Joan, 1927