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Le Norton

14 décembre 2012

Ruby Green singing, par James Chapin (1887-1975), Ruby is not merely singing, she is praying … It is this ability of Chapin, perhaps, to portray the genuinely spiritual that has kept this portrait a favorite of all who have seen it.

Grand musée à West Palm Beach. Précisons que West Palm Beach et Palm Beach forment la même agglomération, Palm Beach est entre la mer et le waterway, West Palm Beach comme son nom l’indique au bord du waterway, côté ouest. La première est plus ‘seclusive’, l’épitome du chic et du luxe, le domaine des megariches, West Palm Beach est plus vaste, plus conforme à une ville américaine moyenne, mais pas mal quand même selon n’importe quel critère. ‘City Place‘ par exemple, une innovation architecturale urbaine, lieu de sortie et de plaisirs divers, est très impressionnant.  Le Norton Museum of Art est à proximité. Selim le décrit très bien ici.


Tengo famiglia

12 décembre 2012

Adieux de Nick : Please, understand it’s something I have to do, OK?

FRANK: The very day I turned fourteen, my father put me on a boat. In my pocket he stuffed 200 liras and the address of a cousin in a place called Hoboken, New Jersey. The only advice my father gave me – Tengo famiglia. If you just said that in English, it would be I support a family. But in Italian, it means more, much more – « I’m a man, I’m doing well for my woman and my children. I have a reason for being alive. »

NICK: Tengo famiglia.

FRANK: I arrived to learn that my cousin had left Hoboken for a faraway land called Brooklyn. So for six weeks, I lived underneath a pier off the Hudson river – every minute and every day trying to figure out a way to earn enough money to get back home.