Noms de bateaux

Gaston Lagaffe à Miami

J’aime bien Thula Thula, sans avoir choisi le nom, mais il y en a d’autres de sympas, et quelques-uns qui parlent aussi de leur propriétaire… Sur un chantier aussi vaste que celui de Povoa, on se régale à imaginer leur histoire. Et à les connaître aussi parfois, en discutant avec le skipper ou les équipiers.

A boat is always there – you never stop worrying about her whether you are aboard or ashore – she is always a presence in the mind and you’re conscious of her at all times. She may be laid up in some safe berth for the winter or hauled out of the water in a yard, but wherever you may be – at home in your virtuous bed or roistering in some gay spot, a chorus girl on each knee and the air thick with flying Champagne corks – a part of your consciousness is always reserved. When the wind moans round the eaves of the house it has a special significance, and you check off in your mind, one by one, the possible sources of danger. Men lie awake worrying about their bank balances, their waistlines, their wives, their mistresses actual or potential; but sailors worry about boats.

A boat is something more than an ingenious arrangement of wood and copper and iron – it has a soul, a personality, eccentricities of behaviour that are endearing. It becomes part of a person, colouring his whole life with a romance that is unknown to those who do not understand a way of life connected with boats. The older a boat becomes, the stronger the power. It gains in stature with each new experience – people look at boats with wonder and say ‘She has been to the South Seas’, or ‘She’s just back from the North Cape’, and the boat takes on a reputation in excess of that of its owner. Girl Stella had become a very real part of our lives – we each of us loved her with a deep respect.

Frank Mulville. Une de ses histoires, un naufrage aux Açores.

Tous ceux-là, qui viennent de partout, en ont une aussi, d’histoire, sûrement pas si tragique, une histoire qu’on ne connaîtra pas, dommage, de Freya à Esmeralda II, en passant par True Love et Plume, Tarzan et Carinthia, Happy Wanderer et Unforgettable

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